Tuesday, April 13, 2021

No Time for Fact-Checking?? Russian Foreign Ministry Lady Kicks CNN Square in the Nads.

A Russian Foreign Ministry Lady has delivered a sharp kick to the groin of CNN after the alleged news network used a misleading month old video to illustrate an article about Russia’s purported war preparations.

In a message to the network, worthy of a most excellent Snark Mistress, she wrote:
"Dear CNN TV channel and its staff. We realize that you have no time for fact-checking, since you’re so immersed in ideological struggle for the triumph of liberalism,  but to present Ukrainian tanks at a Ukrainian train station, with Ukrainian train carriages in the background, as Russia’s preparations for war is a bit too much."
But she wasn't through with them. Seems she's fully aware of the network's reporters propensity for vodka shots and Hot Russian babes:
"Perhaps CNN correspondents in Moscow should devote more time to their professional duties rather than focus on participating in public night life in Russia."
Pretty ironic for a boastful network that claims the media's personal eagle eyed fact checkin' watch dawg hall monitor, the bulbous headed weenie Tater Stelter.

[Sputnik News]
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