Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Headlines From the News of '2022'

CNN Removes "News" From It's Iconic Moniker:  Decision was made about the troubled network by it's new parent company, 'Time-It-Lube Inc.' after Jake Tapper, wearing only a diaper, welding goggles and a Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap while interviewing California Governor Kaitlin Jenner about the all transgender US Olympic Gymnastics team.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Issues Newest Warning:  Strongly encourages all left-handed, redheaded women of mixed race between ages 23- 38 wear double mask inside and also outside in humidity between 32-71% over concerns of possible out-break of covid 19 in that population group.

Pete Buttigieg To Be Honored:  Transportation Secretary to be honored by LBGTQ activist by renaming a popular activity known to some as "pulling a train" to a more hip and up to date "Buttgieging".  The publisher of  the new 'Woke Edition' of the Webster's Dictionary has taken into consideration inclusion of the new word and definition in their 2nd edition next year. 
President Harris Calls For Calm: Venezuela Threatens To Cut Off  Only Remaining US Oil Supply - Says EBT Card Not Suitable Method of Payment............. Developing

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