Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Connecticut’s New Social Equity Council Plans Affirmative Action Priority for Drug Dealers

The last time we visited the elder statesman of the racial grievance industry, MSNBC host and race-hustling extortionist Rev. Al Sharpton, his beef was not enough black people selling dope, and was calling for more diversity in 'White-Dominated Weed Industry'.

The SJW Connecticut legislators have taken up his cause and worked to ensure “social equity” was included in the legalization of recreational marijuana and want the very activity that incarcerated generations of predominantly black and brown people to be first in line for permits to sell weed and not disproportionately excluded from business opportunities.” 
“We’ll finally have, within the community of Black and brown, a way to wealth creation. I think this is the opportunity to truly see the 40-acres and a mule of our ancestors.” Joseph Williams - UConn Small Business Development Center.
The new law allows people age 21 and older to possess or use marijuana up to the specified possession limit of 1.5 ounces on their person and five ounces in their home or car.  Heavily armed, 5 ounce carrying, rolling neighborhood pot dispensaries. What could go wrong? 

While blacks may be underrepresented in the legal marijuana business, they are dominant when it comes to self-employed street corner pharmaceutical and marijuana sales. And after Barack Obama did very little to help blacks for 8 years, it seems that the state of Connecticut could find a better cause to forward the black community then pushing affirmative action in the weed dealing business.

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