Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Trained to Bark Like Seals and Clap at Received Wisdom

Fourth generation communists are now in charge of nearly every organization, every major institution, everything that is used to keep the nation running.  Now, mind you the country isn’t communist. They just took over our institutions, which, given full control of the media as they had when the long march began, in the past would have given them absolute and total control over the country.

Communism is an amazing thing. It achieved in four generations what took the royal houses of Europe ten to achieve via incest and genetic messes: leaders so useless that it takes three tries to figure out on which end to put the crown. Worse, the crowned heads of Europe had some excuse. Most of them were genetic rejects. Communism does this with perfectly normal if not brilliant people by simply training them to bark like seals and clap at received wisdom and never ever, ever, let a seed of doubt of a shred of thought get in the way.

The first generation of commies were evil (There is no option for non-evil, in a philosophy that enshrines envy as a virtue) but cunning and smart, and often lied to themselves about their own goodness. But they knew that given a chance people wouldn’t back them. So once they took over something (or even got a foot in the door) they had to bring in their ideological brethren. The problem of course being most of those weren’t that smart, and were more evil than cunning or competent.

The second generation was perceptibly less competent than the first, but still competent enough that given mass media control, and insistence that these were “the best people.” The fourth generation,  had become somewhat noticeably incompetent. But people outside still could be kept from noticing.  I suspect most knew we weren’t on their side, or at least suspected so. But they tolerated us, while treating us like crap, because we made them just enough money, or whatever to keep them in business. (Whatever the business.)

And then about 10 years ago that changed. Now you have to be fully on board zombified to stay employed. 4th generation. They don’t know how things run, and they don’t really think things need to run. They believe they can control everything by the same means they got promoted/hired/pushed up the ladder: WORDS.

They’re going on the experience of their lives: say the right words and everything is WONDERFUL and PERFECT. It works.

And here we are.

We now have an the administration laboring over PRONOUNS as the economy disintegrates. We get the Junta pushing “get the jab” in a labor shortage. And none of them would DREAM of challenging the holy environmentalism of California, even if it starves the country. It’s just… performative stupidity and thinking they can say the right words and magically there will be rainbows and unicorns.

The top of all our institutions will refuse to admit anything is even wrong. Because if they admit something is wrong, then they can’t change reality with their words. They really believe in the magic of the right words. They really don’t believe in reality. Which means it’s all going to come apart at speed.

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