Wednesday, January 5, 2022

And So The Election Fearmongering Begins......

On Tuesday, CBS Mornings co-host Tony Dokoupil and Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer sounded the alarm over the possibility of Republicans winning big in the 2022 midterm elections, something they hysterically labeled one of “the top global risks” in the year ahead. The pair claimed any GOP victory in the midterms or the 2024 presidential contest would be seen as “illegitimate.”
"A new report is detailing what it says are the biggest risks facing the globe in 2022 and the findings may surprise you. Number three, midterm elections here in the U.S., a top risk for 2022. How come?"
He went on to specifically identify the Republican Party as the source of the supposed global threat: "...the United States has an election process that is increasingly broken, increasingly delegitimized. And the midterm elections, especially if you have significant win for a Trump-led Republican Party, means that 2024 is going to be seen as illegitimate and potentially a constitutional crisis......."

There is only one thing worse than a yapping dog.......

It seems Mr. Bremmer  has fired off the starting gun for the soon to be ever increasing hysteria over the potential mid-term blow out. Just the statement "victory in the midterms or the 2024 presidential contest would be seen as “illegitimate" and "a global risks" should set off bells to what is coming.  It should also be noted that he also said 64% said of an NPR poll believe "our democracy was in crisis".

I wonder if Mr. Bremmer is aware that number is roughly the same number that believe the country is going in the wrong direction and disapprove of Joe Biden's Administrations handling of......just about everything. Or is he just ignoring the parallels.

A better media critter would have asked Mr. Bremmer to explain the "constitutional crisis" he speaks of rather than throw out a simple opinionated "Think Tank" conspiracy theory. And I would like to have known why "We The People" electing a Republican congress would be "illegitimate" and "a global risks".

Could Mr. Bremmer's  "constitutional crisis" be a reference to the fact we now have an obvious mental declining leader, who reads stumbles through what ever is put in front of him? One who issues unconstitutional mandates like a ruler. One who is so disliked by the people.

And maybe Mr. Bremmer meant "our democracy was in crisis" because we have a growing tribe of I'll call them what they are.....communist, who are trying to hold a knife to the neck of the House of Representatives in order to misuse and gain major control of the purse string of the government for their own orgy of power.  Or maybe Mr. Bremmer was referring to a Majority Leader of the Senate, so weak and scared he will be primaried by a former bartender with big tits, he sometime acts like a used car salesman on the very first day of work. 

Or maybe he was referring to the untrustworthy media, who are now nothing but cheerleaders. Or maybe he meant the dangerous power of social media titans, the Robber Barons of the Twenty-first century, who make a mocker of free speech with the blessings of those who benefit mightily from their censorship. I'd say all of that is a danger to Democracy.

And tomorrow is January 6th. And we all know it will be embrace like a security blanket, used as a part of the dooms day hysteria that will hang over America till next November.

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