Tuesday, January 4, 2022


The voices in my head were unanimous. This year's winner of the DMF 'Asshat of the Year' is not a journalist, but pretends to be one on TV.  They are one of many of today's first generation children of immigrants, like those being nominated for high positions in the Biden Administration, all given full legal rights as a GIFT from America, who now spend their adult time on earth attacking, defaming and smearing all America has stood for. 

Our Winner for 2021 is an affirmative action graduate of Harvard University, class of '91, with a concentration in the difficult field of study of visual art and documentation form, which made them highly qualified to type movie credits and chyrons for news broadcast. They worked a short time for various local media in Florida eventually catching the eye of MSNBC, the ugly step-sister of the once respected NBC News, who revel in elevating incompetent people to public notice.

MSNBC allowed our winner to stack their little watched morning weekend filler show with little known, millennial leftist soft-skull "Experts", who cashed-in advancing careers over the next months spreading conspiracy theories and unfounded hysteria over Trump-Russia collusion.

As a result, none other than the New York Times declared our winner "the Heroine of the Resistance".  That soon led to a regular spot, a truly bat-shit crazy five & dime nutty negro hour evening gig that ramped up dangerously irresponsible racial rhetoric and conspiracy theories by their guest lunatics' like Elie Mystal and Malcolm Nance that would make even Ricky Maddow blush, and Al Sharpton sound almost statesmen like. 

But nothing can paper over the fact that our winner has no charisma,  is a painfully predictable ideologue, a liar, vindictive, and an intolerant bigot. On top of being anti-Semitic and a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, they are almost ridiculously unappealing. From really bad wigs to scary looking hairdos that resembled an expired Octopus hanging from her head, to an ungroomed feral poodle look.

We as Americans don't appreciate the gulf that exists between the intelligent and stupid. And packaging an unattractive Jew-Hating Homophobic Racial Bigot can prove difficult. But MSNBC did it. 

They give America a Racial-Arsonist who spills forth lemons day after day in defiance of common sense, and who's viewers drink this sour mixture, proclaim it ambrosia, and cry for more. POWER TO THE CORRECT PEOPLE.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Diogenes' ASSHAT of the YEAR 2021:

The Self-righteous Joy Ann Reid

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