Wednesday, February 2, 2022

RCP - 46* Now Officially Less Popular Than 45. And It Only Took Him a Year.

Without the major newspapers, the hateful twitter mobs and 5 major networks pounding away at him 24/7- 365, the man that loveth ice cream and the media proclaimed as another "Lincoln," ready to “hug” and heal the nation is now less liked than his predecessor.
"As of February 1, 2022, Biden’s Real Clear Politics (RCP) average of all the polls showed him at 41.4 percent approval and 54.7 percent disapproval. 
Exactly four years ago, on February 1, 2018, Trump’s RCP average stood at 41.5 percent approval and 54.5 percent disapproval."
As 46's* progressive circus begins to crumble, it's become less realistic for the media to ignore reality and pretend that Biden is popular.  So, they don't try. And while 46* enjoyed worshipful media reporting, both in the campaign 'Hunker in the Bunker", and during his first year, much of the coverage now acknowledges things aren’t going well, but still won't admit the self-inflicted damage and downplay or ignore the most explicitly bad numbers for Biden.

46* is now, officially, historically unpopular, and more unpopular than 45.  In 2017, the networks gleefully noted that polls found DJT “unfit to serve,” that people were embarrassed to have him as president.” Yet Biden’s numbers are equally horrific.

Maybe it’s time now for all the apocalyptic, nightmarish polling language journalists used to describe DJT's media driven unpopularity to be brought back and applied to Joe Biden. That is, of course, if journalists wanted to be honest.

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