Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Run For Them Hills Boys. We're Out Numbered!


Leading into the midterm elections, so far at least 29 30 House democrats have wussed out and are declining to run for reelection. This doesn’t bolster the democrat's media buttboys increasingly frantic message that American democracy hangs in the balance.  What it does imply is that the fleeing Democrats don’t want to serve in the minority because of the horrific concept of being a minority, because being a minority like the poor souls they have convinced they represent, is beneath them. And they whine like two year olds when they are. 

An article in the leftist rag 'The Nation' on the announced retirements and democrats’ anticipated “evisceration" and is relentlessly depressing for leftist faithful.  Some lawmakers, like Bernie Sanders, have publicly called for a change in strategy, saying that the democrat party has “turned its back on the working class.”

The democratic agenda last year focused on paying working people not to work,  keep kids out of school and screw you poor people, stay at home and eat chicken wings.”

If Sanders means “white” working class, he should say so directly. The “white” isn’t like the “l” in “salmon.” It’s not silent. But Biden and the dems remains deeply in denial about its failures, like the phony wealth transfer scheme called Build Back Better, to their doomed year-long push for federal take over of free and fair elections. Voting rights legislation failed because Senate Republicans were unified in blocking any Stop Democrats From Cheating bills, and their useful idiots in the media cared more about the filibuster than Black people voting. You can’t discuss Democrats’ woes without mentioning the outrageously partisan media performances.

The pandemic, which Biden promised to defeat, a core campaign bullshit promise, spiraled out of control due to the administration's incompetence and conflicting information . The monthly child tax credit payments, which Biden promised would cut child poverty in half, didn't, and have now ended. But in some areas increased substantially the 25'' rim shop businesses. 

Biden should’ve realized sooner that later his far left progtard wing are certified sociopaths.  Instead of 'Asteroid Collides With Earth',  it's 'Stupid Earth Fails To Avoid Asteroid Collision.'  Among other things, the progtard wing blames Biden for not keeping a campaign promise about student loan debt, another bullshit campaign promise he knew wouldn't fly, but the soft skulls rallied around. The White House’s attitude has been to double down on condescension, expressing contempt for law and order and the American working class, the very voters the democrats claim as their own.

The legitimate media should be shouting from the rooftops about the immense damage that may take years to repair if possible, that Biden and democrats have caused the country over the past year. Anything less is barely a notch above CNN.

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