Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Get a Grip You Climate Hysteria Cultist. Joe Has Poll Numbers To Boost

Joe Biden announced today that fighting off imminent apocalyptic climate disasters will just have to wait, as he paused an environmental rule so gasoline refiners can supply gas stations with outlawed 15% ethanol blend fuel throughout the summer. Gasoline with 15% ethanol has been banned for nearly a decade under the Clean Air Act.

Since Joe punched himself in the face during the primary debates by announcing his planned destruction of the fossil fuel industry, prices have steadily risen and shredding his poll numbers, stranding Democrats’ in a leaky rowboat in the path of a Republican tsunami at the midterm ballot box. Joe and his circus team has been trying to create the narrative that high gas prices are solely the fault of Vlad Putin. Americans ain't buying it.

Evidently, neither was the bird that crapped on him during his speech

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