Wednesday, September 14, 2022

If It Goes Off the Rails, The Dems Will Own It.

Most Americans are just waking up to news of a pending railway worker strike right around the corner, the first strike in 30 years, that could paralyze supply chains and cripple the economy. It's estimated a strike starting this Friday could cost the U.S. economy over $2 billion a day while disrupting agricultural transports and consumer goods. This is an issue that may hurt Democrats badly in the fall midterm elections, because the situation is completely avoidable if the Biden Administration and the Democratic controlled Congress takes decisive action.

Those few in the Biden Administration that haven't been spending their time blow-holing about MAGA terrorist or climate change have been leading negotiations on a deal,(that should really bolster your confidence things will work out 🙄). Yet they have failed to avoid a strike.

If this strike happens, Democrats will own it. Politico reported that "President Joe Biden has been directly in touch with unions and railroad companies to try to avert a potential strike that is already disrupting freight and passenger service across the country, according to a White House official."

Biden Labor Secretary Marty Walsh and Trans Secretary Pete Buttgieg, who couldn't get potholes filled, have failed also to convince the key leg of the Democratic Party stool, union leaders, to not tank Democrats chances to retain control of the House by striking just before the midterm elections.

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