Thursday, September 15, 2022

Some Victims are More Equal Than Others.

"For over two years, we heard a long list of murder victims shouted on TV every day. I know by heart the names and murder circumstances of Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Ahmaud Arbury, George Floyd, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, and many others.

There's new trend a little different. I couldn’t help noticing that some particularly gruesome recent killings have been met with a strangely subdued reaction by the mainstream media. Which is weird, because "silence is violence......."

"........The last two years of “building back better” have brought us an ocean of blood, a veritable murderpalooza raging across the country. Innocent victims of every race and age group have been slaughtered by a relatively small group of young men who always seem to have long arrest records, are newly released from prison thanks to Democrat-funded DAs, and are feeling rested and ready to kill again. Or just crush some kids to death as they march in a Christmas parade.

A mountain of skulls rises up in the public consciousness, but you must not look at it or draw attention to it. To do so is a crime worse than the killing. The lunatic gods must be appeased by daily, yet invisible, human sacrifice, and the mountain of skulls must grow much higher before they are sated. They’re saving a spot at the top for your skull, and those of your children, and your grandchildren. Nothing will stop the terror until its future victims demand it stop.

Brianna Kupfer.

Eliza Fletcher.

Allison Parker.  The list goes on. 

But don’t you dare say their names—someone might call you a racist."

Read the Entire Post. Worth the Time.

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