Sunday, October 2, 2022

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Laughably, Abrams took to social media after the ruling to claim victory. Abrams thought she had one trick left up her sleeve. Namely, a lawsuit filed by her “voting rights” organization seeking to strike down parts of Georgia’s election system under the guise of “voter suppression.” Unfortunately for her, a federal judge appointed by Barack Obama ruled that nothing about Georgia’s election system violates the US Constitution or the Voting Rights Act.....]

One of Atlanta’s newest city council members continues to break glass ceilings — even the ones that not many people know or care about. Liliana Bakhtiari’s bio on the Atlanta City Council website touts her remarkable (at least to the woke) accomplishments. “Liliana is the first queer Muslim person to be elected in the state of Georgia, and the first nonbinary person elected in the city of Atlanta,” the bio states. Bakhtiari is the daughter of Iranian immigrants, which makes me think: I can’t imagine she’d be able to get away with being “queer” and “non-binary” in that country. The resume of the 34-year-old Bakhtiari is full of the progressive bona fides that won her support in a far-left part of the city, as well as would probably anger anybody in her familial homeland.....]

The FBI seemingly misled a federal magistrate judge to obtain a warrant that let it seize the contents of hundreds of safe deposit boxes. But a federal judge says the raid did not violate the box owners' Fourth Amendment rights. "The decision will give a blueprint for the government to pry open safe deposit boxes, storage lockers, and other private spaces—and to take the contents with civil forfeiture," Johnson declared in a statement. "In other words, the decision gives law enforcement a license to concoct bogus reasons to seize and forfeit millions of dollars in property from people who have not been accused of doing anything wrong." 

 “This man is going to be eighty years old next month. He looks absently horrible. He looks like he’s going to fall asleep at any minute when he speaks. He slurs his speech. He shuffles when he walks, blank stare, shaking hands with people who don’t exist. He’s talking to dead people now. The people who are enabling him are going to have the answer to this too because it is past time for somebody in his administration to step up to the plate and do the right thing and let us know what’s going on......]

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