Thursday, November 3, 2022

Democrat's Panic Brings Nightmares of The Sword of Damocles

Even before the ABC hysterical lunatic coven of 'The View' took to the air and proclaimed "White female Republican voters are like roaches", over at MSNBC, Squinty and Meat Puppet's daily TDS Support Group & Circle Jerk brought on a Politico hack to lament the dangers to the democracy and the left by actual young conservative activists! No! Say it ain't true Joe!
NB - New York Times & Politico Magazine contributor Kyle Spencer was brought on the show to whine and complain about how the conservative movement and more specifically the Leadership Institute are training an army of what Spencer describes as "foot soldiers for the right." She went on to panic that conservatives are now the ones who are "in touch with how people communicate and what is going on politically." 
In what only comes as a shock to MSNBC and their leftist acolytes, Spencer disapprovingly revealed how "we're living in a very weird world now where the conservatives are the ones who seem to be very in touch with how people communicate and what is going on politically." 
Because the Leadership Institute dared to adapt to current cultural or political issues, Spencer moaned how after the sexual and racial indoctrination of public school children became more of a prominent issue. 
"It is invasive and it is big and it is very organized."

They dare not look in the direction of the pendulum....... 

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