Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Lies, Damn Lies, and Biden's Bag of Snakes

What we’ve seen across the country, and it feels like it’s worse now than it’s ever been, is that there is simply nothing true about American politics anymore. Particularly with respect to the democrat party.  Newt Gingrich recently characterized the American Left has having gone crazy, and he’s not wrong. Except from this vantage, it isn’t madness which is driving the hard break from reality we’re seeing from the dem's nest of snakes and their allies; it’s something more sinister than that.

It seems more like arrogance mixed with frustration.

They’re so used to controlling the national narrative and they’re so full of themselves after the 2020 election and the events which followed that they believe there are no limits to cultural aggression, political attack or outright economic repression that they might choose to perpetrate on us.  But it’s beginning to sink in that their assumptions, that history has been bent in an inevitable arc toward their direction, and that it’s all going to fall into place from there,  don’t really work. And they aren’t handling it well. They never handle anything well, which is one reason the Left has so much trouble consolidating power over the long haul.

But this election cycle is worse than ever. So what you get is a contempt for the American people who have demonstrated for well more than a year that we simply don’t accept this globalist, climate-nut, Branch COVIDian, race-hustling, trans-advocating, economic illiterate style of governance which insults the nation’s traditional values and lowers our standard of living measurably. Biden's snakes have had months to adjust their policy approaches with respect to things like domestic energy production and has chosen not to. And in a week they’re going to pay a stiff price for it.

By the time the new Congress is sworn in next January, the democrats may have lost majorities in both the House and Senate. Should that happen, the 2022 midterms will serve as a harbinger of an entirely new political era, a Post-New Deal/Great Society America in which no assumptions about our national politics remain valid, and the Overton Window will shift and settle in a different place.

But what’s clear today is how far the democrats are willing to go in order to blunt the ugly reality staring them in the face with Nov. 8 approaching.  Lies, gas lighting and partisan dishonesty on their part, not just of virtually every Democrat politician in sight, but their fleabag lapdogs in the legacy media. We’re awash in it. It’s irritating beyond belief and it’s going to contribute to the ugly shellacking that Biden's bag of snakes will suffer next week.

One hopes that a significant change coming as a result of the earthquake the 2022 elections might offer will help the breakup of these lies as a systematic political strategy. America is sick and tired of them.

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