Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Drag Queens are the Democrats’ New Mascot

Inviting a drag queen to celebrate respect for marriage is like dancing about architecture, to borrow a phrase. Yet here we are:
Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act flanked by Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, and gay drag queen story hour performer Marti Cummings.
Cummings is the symptom, not the disease. There are always fringe people out on, well, the fringes. Although we didn’t use to invite them to the White House to celebrate what might be humanity’s oldest institution. It’s niche entertainment, to say the least. In fact, there’s been such a rush to normalize this particular fetish — even make it “family-friendly” — that actual pedos are being glamourized.

Why the sudden and very official respect? 

It has nothing to do with gay rights. It has a lot to do with putting women in their place. The Left is waging a war on women, on genuine femininity and all of its unique strengths. And they do it, in part, by raising up obnoxious (and often just plain noxious) pantomime females as “real” women.

Progressive women take the abuse, too, because they’ve been conditioned to believe that they deserve it. There’s enough battered spouse syndrome going on here to turn that 90-minute Farrah Fawcett TV movie into the next Yellowstone.  Arguably worse, the Left has purposely conflated a mental health issue — gender dysphoria — with a civil rights struggle. That makes a mockery of natural rights, which is exactly their goal. And why else would they have no objection to biological men playing women's sports?

If rights consist of whatever crazy notion you have in the moment, or whatever reality your mental issue causes you to deny, then there are no rights. 

 It sounds crazy, but it’s sinister as actual Hell. - Stephen Green


Secular humanism has no moral bottom. Absent a core of absolutes of right and wrong, anything can be rationalized. Absent some divine origin for those absolutes, they cannot be absolutes.

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