Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Yes, They Let Me Back In.......

Late this afternoon, KLM set your Beloved Editrix down softly at Hartsfield-Jackson just in time for a delightful early dinner with my cousin Olivia who I promised some time to visit on my way back home. She gave me the use of her quaint little digital device, an Apple they call them I believeto signal my return safe and sound. (I do not travel with personal devices, save business trips).  

I most certainly hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas. I just read all the comments left on the last post I made before leaving.

Thank You All Very Much!

Just being off the digital grid for a week was refreshing beyond my expectation. I only took my unlocked travel phone to confirm flight times and reservations for the trip back.

I cannot express what five days and nights, unencumbered by the pressure of business and worries of the world, spent with only the kind of love your own blood can give, can do for the soul. And I have been  blessed with it in abundance.

I'll be home tomorrow night, and soon resume posting. But only after a little time with the one who keeps me warm at night.....

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