Thursday, January 5, 2023

The Editorial Board of DMF Nomination for Speaker of the House.

With an obvious stalemate among the power hunger, self aggrandizing professional politicians, like children on a play ground trying pick who gets to kick the ball first, we at DMF have our own solution to the problem of Speaker of the House.
He is a Harry Truman type character. Only five foot two inches in stature, but of strong Viking stock. A self-sufficient small businessman; a boat builder by trade from the wilds of Minnesota. His business savvy and understanding of the needs of small business is sorely missing from the present GOP leadership. His strong suit is his understanding of simple economics: You can't spend more than you take in. He knows how to wield a mean ax, and lay waste to the bloated federal budget and stop the idiotic wasteful spending. Past House leaders saw billions as chump change. Linden sees that as the problem. His motto has always been "Cut the F**king Spending Already".

This is why The Editorial Board of Diogenes Middle Finger proudly stands to nominate the one man we believe can clean up the mess in The Peoples House.

Linden Borden

We share Mr. Borden's distain for the leadership from both sides of the aisle, with their childish infighting and pandering performances. We are comforted to know Linden Borden was mentored well in business & economics as a young lad by the English born Marvin Escott Hayes, the billionaire Minnesota Tampon Magnate.

We feel Mr. Borden is scary enough to get congress in-line and threating enough to keep his political enemies at bay. We know he will not have any empty sexual harassment allegations leveled at him as former congressmen have in the past, because as far as we know, no women has gone near him in years.

The Editorial Board of Diogenes Middle Finger believe it's time to cut the crap and get the House of Representatives back in line with Constitutional principals. We believe as Speaker of the House, this is the Man to do it.   

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