Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Bend Over and Smile America. It's That Time Again.

A Map of Your Enslavement for 2023

Biden's handlers and congressional Democrats have imposed a long list of tax increases as part of their “Inflation Reduction Act”. They somehow believe doing more of what causes inflation, will reduce inflation. These are the same people Will Rogers once referred to when he said "There are men who run governments that shouldn't be allowed to play with matches." The problem with democrats today is they not only have matches, they've got a barrel of gasoline. 

On January 1, the following Democrat tax hikes took effect:
  • $6.5 Billion Natural Gas Tax Which Will Increase Household Energy Bills
  • $12 Billion Crude Oil Tax Which Will Increase Household Costs $1.2 Billion Coal Tax Which Will Increase Household Energy Bills
  • $74 Billion Stock Tax Which Will Hit Your Nest Egg — 401(k)s, IRAs and Pension Plans (This should really piss you off)
  • $225 Billion Corporate Income Tax Hike Which Will Be Passed on to Households.
The cost of these tax increases will be borne by working families in the form of higher prices, fewer jobs, and lower wages. 

And remember these numbers when Biden throws another 40 billion at Ukraine, while we have homeless Vets sleeping on the street.  

You can read more details of your  Here.

It just so also happens to be the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). As a result, Americans saw significant Tax Reduction and creation of historic jobs numbers across all races and ethnicities. And despite the media propaganda that it was a tax cut for the rich, middle income American households saw the biggest tax cuts:

23.1% tax cut for Americans making between $25k – $50k 
20.8% tax cut for Americans making between $50k – $75k.
16.7% tax cut for Americans making between $75k – $100k 
A 0.4% tax hike for Americans making over $1 million.

But Wave Bye Bye to those days.  

The high-earning Americans paid (and always have paid) a greater share of taxes than before the TCJA, but you’ll never hear Democrats admit it. You can read more Here

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