Tuesday, April 4, 2023

It's All Becoming Very Exhausting

In the latest episode of "We've Got Him Now!!!" the once respectable NBC News and it's ugly retarded step sister MSNBC sent the leftist media into pants wetting euphoria when their reporter phoned in from the courtroom proceedings that the Trump indictment was 34 counts of Falsification of Business Records "in the first degree," (which suggests they are felonies), and Conspiracy. And off the media went with it, beclowning themselves as the pros they are. From Tatter Stelter to Jen Rubin, the circle jerk was epic. The conspiracy nuts of MSNBC lineup were especially giddy

But it was not to be. And some, like our favorite negro troll doll, didn't take it so well........

Personally, I'm tired of all this shit. We all know why it's happening and why we are being distracted. But yet, the lemmings still run for the cliff....... 

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