Thursday, April 6, 2023

Tripping the Light Fantastic and Dancing Madly Backward into a Nightmare

The left has successfully brain-damaged much of America with a disastrous education system and near-monolithic media. I was but a wee lass during the Reagan years, but I have read with much interest and fascination the histories of the turbulent America of the 1960-1980s. Much of the way I look at the world from a philosophical and political point of view come directly from that period. 

Today, the only upside to a disastrous freak filled Biden administration and the totalitarian cancer at our universities and other institutions is that the reality of leftist rule is no longer a gradual change still pretending to offer a vision of a better future world as history tells us, but a fully dystopian present.  Lower standard of living, permanent racial division, mandated sexual confusion, the end of the rule of law, science so politicized it is no longer science, truth is relative, lessoned freedom and growing fear of being targeted as a dissident for thoughts once regarded as obvious and normal.

Surely there is now an opportunity to offer a saving contrast.  A Reagan grade contrast.  Are we too used to decrying what we oppose to affirm what we know to be the real fruits of freedom and objective truths? Or do we continue to make the mistakes that cost victory when the odds are obvious in our favor?  

personality cult - noun: a situation in which a public figure (such as a political leader) is deliberately presented to the people of a country as a great person who should be admired and loved.
New York Young Republican Club: Statement on President Trump’s Indictment
"President Trump embodies the American people—our psyche from id to super-ego—as does no other figure; his soul is totally bonded with our core values and emotions, and he is our total and indisputable champion. This tremendous connection threatens the established order...."
I don’t know if anything else needs to be said. I don’t know if I should have even posted this. I’m really not trying to stir the pot or make anyone mad…. I mean, we all made fun of this kind of stuff when said about Barky, right? I just feel sometimes, like many other professionals and business owners I know, that I'm living in a bizarro world where I just don’t belong.

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