Thursday, April 20, 2023

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Big Ass Mid-Week Open Thread

It's That Time Again My Loveys. Your Beloved Blog Editrix Turns Thing Over to You. So Don Your Blogging Thongs and Have Your Say, or Forever Hold your Peace. You Know the Rules. Don't Make Me Come Back There.  

This Week Your Glorious Exercise in Free Speech is Brought to You By:
 Diogenes' New Line of Personal Wellness & Domestic Auto Repair Products.
This Week We are Proud to Announce our Newest Product to go to Market:

We present Our Limited Edition 'Karine Jean-Pierre Toilet Bowl Brush'. Incorporating the Latest in Cutting Edge Toilet Brush Technology - Made with Non-GMO Plastics and Only the Finest Genuine Imported Virgin Mongolian Yak Hair - Faithful to Every Detail all the way Down to Jean-Pierre's Creepy Eye Shadow. (Also Soon to be Available in a Colorful Bathroom Set That Includes a Mayor Pete Buttigieg Tactical Toilet Plunger.)

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