Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Hypocritical Dems Accuse Repubs of Kicking Old Lady Down the Stairs

Occasionally you get the feeling that Republicans are going to grow a backbone and start playing the game the way the democrats always do. This may just be a case, though temporary it may be. For now at least you can tell by the way dems are whining that they feel it too.

Senate Republicans are refusing to provide either the unanimous consent or the 10 votes necessary to allow a temporary replacement on the Judiciary Committee for the gun grabber dinosaur from California, Dianne Feinstein.  She's currently recovering at home from a bout with shingles and is unable to physically return to work. She's missed 60 of the 82 Senate votes taken this year. Democrats have a narrow majority of 50 reliable caucus reptiles plus that Sinema chick, but there's no such breathing room on the Judiciary Committee. Democrats haven't been able to advance any of Biden's nominations in Feinstein's absence.

Republicans should not assist democrats in confirming Biden’s who's who of most radical activist nominees to ever be nominated to America's high courts.

Senator Thom Tillis, who sits on the Judiciary Committee with Feinstein said "I don’t think there’s any appetite on our side to help what we consider to be controversial or unqualified nominees to get confirmed.  I deeply respect Sen. Feinstein, but this is an unprecedented request solely intended to appease those pushing for radical, activist judges."

There are many reasons why Dianne Feinstein should probably retire before her term ends next year. Like being senile and older than dirt come to mind.
No sweetie. It's the same hardball politics Schumer and Pelosi and their leftist minions played for years. Shoe on other foot I think the saying goes. 

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