Tuesday, November 7, 2023

'Chucky Three Sticks' Plans to Ban Fags in UK

King Chuck III
The Sun - "During what's known as the King's Speech, the ceremonial beginning of the legislative year, the monarch confirmed that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will mount a historic crackdown on cigarettes. The planned legislation will raise the legal age of buying cigarettes every year until there are no smokers left. 
The ban will be subject to a "free vote," meaning Members of Parliament will not be told how to vote by party enforcers. The plan was originally rejected by ministers when suggested previously. But the Labour Party has confirmed its intention to vote with the Conservative government, so the new law is expected to fly through."
Now, following the logic of our do-gooder betters in today's world, next step is to censor the old war movie scenes where the handsome young heroic pilot climbs out of their bullet hole ridden Sopwith Camel or sputtering Spitfire after a harrowing dogfight with the huns and lights up a cigarette as their one comfort that they dodged the grim reaper of war once more. And so it goes......

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