Tuesday, November 7, 2023

The Wheels Are Coming Off

"Are the wheels coming off the Biden Administration? It looks like it, to the extent that this shambolic vehicle for a third Obama term ever had wheels to begin with. But it’s not just the numbers......" 
"As the Times reports: “Discontent pulsates throughout the Times/Siena poll. . . . The survey also reveals the extent to which the multiracial and multigenerational coalition that elected Mr. Biden is fraying. Demographic groups that backed Mr. Biden by landslide margins in 2020 are now far more closely contested, as two-thirds of the electorate sees the country moving in the wrong direction........” 
"Biden is hemorrhaging votes among Hispanics, his margin among women is dwarfed by opposition from men, and Black support for Trump is up to 22%, “a level unseen in Presidential politics for a Republican in modern times.  It’s particularly impressive that Trump is polling so well given the near-universal opposition of major media organs, and the campaign of systematic legal harassment that has had him indicted four times and sued in civil courts both by Democratic state attorneys general and private citizens. Maybe doubling down on a strategy of expensive energy, housing, and food was a bad idea for the Biden Administration." - GLENN REYNOLDS

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