Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Courtney's Wednesday Choice Open Tabs Just For You. Consequently, Your Voluntary Attendance is Required.

Courtney Is Judging You Now

Ugly Dykes and Dostoevsky 
   Don't know why the rear end of a 59' Chevy Impala comes to mind......
     Epic Tweeter Mockery Ensued.

 *  ‘We Will Drink Your Blood and Eat Your Skull’ 
     Mascara Poisoning?? A shriek from the loony-bin.
   Don't think even the weirdest dwarf wouldn't live with this chick. 

* Kickback City - That Dark Money in Your Pocket
   Now you know where all that money comes from that Nonprofits and NGOs contribute to 
   Dem's election coffers. 

   You Guys! I swear. 

   Day 7

    Not to worry. There's also a plan B

*  What does a Commie Millionaire married to a crazy Code Pink chick do with his spare change?
    Very Interesting Read

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