Tuesday, December 12, 2023

A Short History of Joe Biden's Long Record of Lying About Joe Biden

You might recall that during a 2020 campaign, then-presidential hopeful was asked by an Iowa man if his son Hunter had ever had access to the Obama administration.  The future president, who had vowed to bring decorum and decency back to the White House, got in his face and called the man a "damn liar" and "fat" and told him he was "too old" before insulting his IQ. This act of projection from Biden should have been a warning.

It was modus operandi for Joe, whose extraordinary dishonesty was impressive even for a politician, to question the mental fitness of those who caught him in a lie. When the New York Post broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, strongly indicating that Joe had lied, virtually the entire left-wing media tried to bury the story by relying on the claim of former disgraced intelligence officials that the story smelled like Russian "disinformation. Even Joe noted that the "vast majority of the intelligent people have come out and said there's no basis at all. The wagons were circled. 

Well, we soon found out there was plenty of basis to the story even though the protective lapdog media became deaf and dumb to the evidence. In scores of emails and texts, Hunter talks about the "Big Guy" helping him secure payments and taking his cut. One of Hunter's former business partners contends Joe was involved in the family business, as does Hunter's former close friend, who testified under oath.  At this point, there was overwhelming direct evidence that Joe was a willing participant. And as evidence of Joe's lies about his family's influence-peddling business mounted, "fact-checkers" and the media began struggling to keep up with fresh information.

At first, we were told there was "no evidence" that Biden knew anything. Suddenly, there was "no evidence" that Biden had personally benefited from Biden Inc. (as if enriching your entire family wasn't personal enough).It was around this time that White House language began subtly shifting from blanket denials to finely tuned Clintonesque turns of phrase about Joe never being "in business with his son.

So we eagerly look forward to fact-checkers, media and the White House clarifying why this is all just fine. From Joe Biden "knew nothing" to Joe Biden "did nothing" to none of what Joe Biden did was "illegal" – it's been like a long ride through manure covered fields on a short legged pony. 

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