Tuesday, December 12, 2023

The Ugly Face of DEI in the Poison Ivy League

Excerpts from the Twitter Feed of C. Bradley Thompson @CBradleyThomps1 
"I have received from inside Harvard sources a August 20, 2020 memo from Claudine Gay (now Harvard President) to the Faculty of Arts & Sciences when she was Dean. It flies in the face of everything she said to the world last week. This memo was written when she was a short-listed candidate for the Harvard presidency.  We must face a stunning possibility: Gay got the the job precisely because she holds these views. 
This memo not only exposes her hypocrisy & duplicity but also the real source of what makes her (and those like her) the most destructive force in American higher education. 
This memo is a blueprint for the intellectual corruption & politicization of a once great institution, and it laid the groundwork for the anti-semitism & the anti-Americanism rampant at Harvard today."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

"This moment offers a profound opportunity for institutional change that should not and cannot be squandered. Even as our opportunities to be together on campus are limited, now is the time to reengage and reconnect, both with each other and with the promise of our mission....." 
"I write today to share my personal commitment to this transformational project and the first steps the FAS will take to advance this important agenda in the coming year. Amplify teaching and research on racial and ethnic inequality....." 
"This fall, we will reactivate the cluster hire in ethnicity, indigeneity, and migration, with the goal of making new faculty appointments. In order to accelerate our progress, I am also establishing the Harvard College Visiting Professorship in Ethnicity, Indigeneity, and Migration to recruit leading scholars of race and ethnicity to spend a year at Harvard College actively engaged in teaching our undergraduates. Beginning in 2021-2022, the FAS will appoint up to two new visiting scholars each year....."


Then she(?) goes after the university's long history by suggesting change to the artwork and signage at Harvard to erase the legacy of White men who built and attended the school over the past 387 years from its history. "
"This fall, I am launching the Task Force on Visual Culture and Signage to take up this consequential conversation. This task force will convene a group of faculty, staff, and students from across the FAS to conduct a comprehensive study of our visual culture and articulate principles and informed guidelines for evolving the visual culture and imagery of the FAS. Staff leaders of color remain significantly underrepresented in the FAS. I will launch a study of the hiring, professional development, and promotion practices that may contribute to the low representation of minority staff in managerial and executive roles......" 
These initiatives are just a starting place. Our engagement in anti-racist action and the infusion of inclusive practices into all aspects of our teaching and research mission reflect a new sense of institutional responsibility and will require sustained effort over time..... '
The work of racial justice is not a one-time project. We must be relentless, constructively critical, and action-oriented in our pursuit. Even as I say that, I am clear-eyed that the work of real change will be difficult and for many it will be uncomfortable. Change is messy work. Institutional inertia will threaten to overwhelm even our best efforts. If we are to succeed, we must challenge a status quo that is comfortable and convenient for many....." 
Collectively, we are the authors of Harvard’s future. 


I see this as the rantings of a DEI hire that has no real talent for leading the University, just a chip on her shoulder she uses to get what she wants. An anti-Semite hypocrite to boot.

 “My truth” instantly converts to “my delusions” every time I hear that phrase. Filling the University with people rewarded for skin color rather than merit hastens the day when Harvard becomes irrelevant.

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