Tuesday, January 23, 2024

America’s Elites are a Dangerous Fringe Group

The Commentary Magazine Podcast discussed an article in The Wall Street Journal by Kim Strassel (behind a paywall). She lists the findings of a poll done by the founder of Rasmussen.  He interviewed “the elites”: Those who make over $150,000 per year, have a post-graduate degree, and live in a high density area. He listed them as 1% of the population. Some identified as Democrats, some Republicans, and some independents. But their views were remarkably homogeneous: 

74% say their finances are getting better (compared to 20% of other voters). 

Their Approval ratings:
Biden: 84% 
University professors: 89% 
Journalists: 79% 
Lawyers: 78% 
Union leaders: 78%
Members of Congress: 67%

2/3 say teachers, not parents, should determine what children are taught. Nearly 50% say USA has too much individual freedom. 77% support strict rationing of gasoline, meat, and electricity to fight climate change. These are incredible numbers. So 84% of these “elites” approve of the job Biden is doing? 

Holy Shit! It’s no wonder these people don’t understand, well, nearly everybody else in America. It’s like they’re living on another fucking planet.  Which, I suppose, they sort of are. They’re getting wealthier. They like where they are, and they fear change. Leftism’s centralized control systems stifle change. Which is great, if you don’t want change. 

Capitalism is unpredictable. If we’re allowed to compete, you never know who might win. And if you’re winning, the last thing you want is open competition. So they say Americans have too much freedom, and we should ration food and energy to the masses. The successful become risk-averse, and naturally tend to support the establishment which maintains the status quo.

Makes sense, I guess. But this is also a window into the dark corners of the human soul. I got mine. So screw the rest of you. If you get rich, and then you want to prevent others from becoming rich, that says a lot about you. And it’s not good.  

The elites are a powerful group, and they are much more politically active than everyone else. And their views don’t sound like hippy-dippy college kids. These are people that consider themselves our betters. 

They sound more like communists.

This is scary, scary stuff…

[Commentary Mag]

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