Tuesday, February 13, 2024

From Barky's Court Jester to National Security Threat

No less than the NY Times editorial board in an article titled “The Challenges of an Aging President,” in which are found “This is a dark moment in Mr. Biden’s presidency.” Pardon my digression, but was there ever a light moment?

The mental fragility of the most powerful man in the free world floats in suspension like a cloud of mephitic ooze above the nation and the world. It’s propped up by a dual system of justice, a political party and its corrupt members and apparatchiks whose hatred for their fellow countrymen and lust for power denies or sweeps away reason, and a dying and dishonest media.

Forgive my lack of compassion for Joe Biden. Few people have I despised in my life. But as he has shone us, even in his very best days, at the zenith of his mole hill, dung heap capacity, he was a liar, a plagiarist, a racist, an opportunist, and a mean-spirited greedy bastard whose only true allegiance, as is abundantly apparent, was to his wallet. And now, in every way this is a condign fate, karma, justice catching up to him. But just as worse for us, his much maligned foreign policy judgements and his mental incompetence make Joe Biden America’s biggest national security threat.

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