Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Nasty Gaslighting Bigots They Are.

We are nurturing a sub-culture with no connection whatsoever to anything resembling decency, decorum, or even a modicum of intelligence. In five thousand years of human evolution, we've finally come full circle, with low-brow (media-promoted) troglodytes, once again howling at a (digital) moon.

Watching Biden cultists twist themselves into rhetorical knots, trying to make undeniable facts, that we can all witness with our own eyes and ears, go away. They just redefine the words to what ever they want. That is the dismal future of this formerly great Republic under the current Totalitarian Dictatorship. To them, any act, no matter how disgusting, reprehensible or immoral, is justified if it helps you achieve political power.

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