Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Panic Time. You Can Hear It In Their Voices

You may want to sit down for this, but apparently, normal people do not share the opinions of wine-sipping elites who never have to worry about their grocery bill or how they are going to pay their mortgage. The newest poll numbers since Biden's triumphant State of the Union speech last week spells panic time for Democrats.
Wait, you mean shouting uncontrollably and mocking voter concerns wasn’t actually the best speech in presidential history? It's not just that Biden didn't get a bump, though. Joe has now hit an all-time low in approval rating. 

By the numbers, most Americans do not "like" DJT, but that doesn't matter when they care far more about how much money is in their bank account and whether the border crisis is going to continue to spill over into their communities. Whatever flaws voters see in Trump, they see more flaws in a senile lying Biden and his disastrous policy decisions.

It's flashing lights code red time for Democrats who were hoping to just scream incessantly about January 6th loud enough to coast to re-election.

Instead they'll be spending a lot of time scraping shit off their snickers.....


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