Sunday, March 24, 2024

Serpent Head Speaks: The State of the Dem Party - Seeing your Grandma Naked - Too many Preachy Females.

Democratic strategist James Carville spoke to the New York Times of his overall disgust and disapproval of the current state of the Democratic Party. With his typical Cajun demeanor, Serpent Head took a swing at Biden poll numbers saying looking at them was equivalent to "walking in on your grandma naked." 

Despite his scathing take, Carville did add, "I actually like Biden. He's a tenacious guy that's had a real life."

Yeah, not many guys have actually sold their own driveway.

Despite his overall approval of Biden, Carville said that he suspected there to be too many "preachy females" in the party, who are turning-off black male voters, the mouth breathers of 'The Squad,'who are just to the left of the marxist wing of the party.  He also complained that "woke stuff is killing us' and that the left was talking in a language that Americans did not understand".

Carville recently made the news after referring to Marjorie Taylor Greene who heckled Biden's SOTU speech as 'white trash'. "I tell people I have the equivalent of a Ph.D. in white trashology, and you saw real white trash on display." "And let me say something about ... Marjorie Taylor Greene. She really needs a fashion consultant. Can I recommend George Santos?"🤣

[Mail Online]

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