Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Let's Check in on the Crazy Cajun Coot and See If His Head Has Exploded Yet.

            Carville Warns 'If Trump Wins' And Replaces Liberal Justice, 
                                   US Will 'Officially' Become 'Theocracy'

Republican Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry signed Senate Bill 313 into law last Wednesday, making it the first state to mandate a small display of the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms.
“So let’s everybody remember what’s really really at stake here,” Carville continued. “What this is really really about. And it’s about imposing a theocracy on other people...... It is in Louisiana and they’re being exploited by people who really have, which I think is an odious and insidious agenda for the United States of America".
Once again, a show of desperation on Serpent Head's part. He should know better.

For all the bad reputation accrued by "The Kingfish", Huey P.  Long as governor of Louisiana (1928-32) not only guaranteed free school textbooks for every pupil the state, including private religious schools,  but built hundreds of brick school building that continued to be constructed through the early depression years.  Long's opponents claimed  the free textbooks to religious schools violated the separation of church and state and sued Long. The case went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled in Long's favor in a major Church / State ruling. 

Inside the main entrance to these schools, and schools built up until the late 1940's, most of which are still stand today were 3 very large bronze plaques. One held the words of the 'Declaration of Independence', another 'The Bill of Rights' and the third plague 'The Ten Commandments'.  Real scary stuff ya know. A picture shows they were large enough to not be missed. No one was worried about a theocracy back then.  Just fear mongering and bigotry by the Democrats.

They remained in place, I have been told, until desegregation of the public schools in 1970.  Eventually after black teachers and administrators took over the schools deemed  the plaques offensive and they were taken down and eventually replace with horrendously bad urban art.  And while Carville graduated from a catholic high school, he attended public primary school during the 1950's. He knows about the plaques. He remembers them.

This my friends is just more fear mongering for the leftist rabble. The US Supreme Court, nor the Legislature of the State of Louisiana belongs to the Democrat party. And this move by Governor Landry is not pushing anything radical on students or teachers. Can't say that about the gay lobby though can ya James? 

 Fear & Smear is all the Dems have. 

BTW, any of yous guys remember the portraits of the sitting US President that I was told were hung everywhere in public buildings and schools?  No one I know remembers seeing a presidential portrait hung in public buildings since Ronald Reagan won the 1980 election. 

Guess they haven't gotten over that either........

Editrix Note: I state again for the record, as a citizen of the Great State of Louisiana, I know I speak for a lot of my fellow Louisianians when I say we are sorry that our Village Idiot got lose again. We promise to try and keep a better eye on him in the future - DS

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