Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The Media Word of the Week

I have noticed over the last few years our betters in the media have a new habit of latching on to a word or phrase and work very hard to include this newly discovered word or phrase into their multiple fact checked guaranteed absolutely true truth they present to us in their smug and uprightly attitude of self- importance.

Let me test your memory.

I remember listening to a young 20 something media network stand-in reporter babe broadcast from the WH lawn, who was obviously getting her first big break at the network.  In order to impress she must have pick up a dusty old dictionary, and found a little used word in American english.  The word was  "Palpable".

For the next week or two, every bigtime network news reporter worked overtime to twist and bend their work to include this amazing new discovery into their reports, everything from stories about DJT to reports on cow farts. "It was all palpable. Back to you Bob...."

Again I noticed another great discovery emanating from the media during recent kangaroo court processing reports, the word " Fungible". Certain self-important media personalities just had to use it like the other cool kids were doing. I can see them now standing in front of a mirror practicing saying "Fungible". 

Then there was the over used phrase last week "Christian Nationalist" The mental gymnastics they used to work it into reports on things like broken sidewalk pavement in front of a church to a 200 year old traditional flag was a thing to behold. 

Before that the media circle jerk's word of the week was "Convicted Felon."  They really love that one! 

And now the media monkey's word of the week is "Theocracy" (see previous post below)

  1. 1.  a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.
  2. 2.  
    a form of government in which one or more deities are recognized as supreme ruling authorities, giving divine guidance to human intermediaries

I'm not even really even listen to the TV and I've heard it pop up at least 7 times in 2 hrs. 

Paging Mr. Orwell. 

~ Thank You Larwyn's Linx@ Doug Ross Journal for the Linkage! ~

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