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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Media Matters Beclowns Themselves. Makes Best Video Yet Exposing Dem's Far Left Stooges

In their ongoing anemic attempts at attacking anyone in the media to the right of Vladimir Lenin, the intellectual sinkhole and self-appointed media ankle-bitters known as Media Matters edited together video clips to show Fox news as "Lashing Out at Women of Color in Congress". What their video really does is reveals & catalogs truths about certain members of congress and their idiocy, racism and bigotry, while accusing Fox News of doing something wrong by pointing them out. This should be an RNC commercial. 

Somewhere I've heard this referred to as "Stompin' On Your Own D**K".  But I doubt anyone there is so equipped to do that, and since I run a classy joint here and don't use such shitty language, we'll just call it the "Don Lemon Effect."

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

This Isn’t Even a Wrist-Slap

"The House of Representatives had plans to vote today on a resolution that’s billed as a slap at Rep. Ilhan Omar over her persistent anti-Semitic remarks — but it doesn’t even mention her by name. Drafted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the help of New York’s own Eliot Engel and Jerry Nadler, the measure merely denounces a host of anti-Semitic tropes, such as “the myth of dual loyalty, including all allegations that Jews should be suspected of being disloyal neighbors or citizens.” 

"The resolution will be updated to include anti-Muslim bias and other forms of bigotry, likely pushing a vote to Thursday, a day later than they had originally hoped, according to two Democratic aides. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told Democratic leaders about the change of plans Tuesday evening, one of the aides said......"

Volumes have already been written postulating on why Jews vote Democrat and think the way they do and it's too complicated to go into here without taking up the entire blog for at least a week.  What you have are the twin evils of Leftism and Islam teaming up to achieve a shared geopolitical vision of destroying post-Enlightenment Western civilization, its advances, everything it stands for, and supplanting it with their own. And Bernie Sanders, Donkey Chompers, Nadler, Schumer and all the rest are in for a very rude awakening about what will happen if they succeed.

Last night's sham of a mockery of a charade of two shams of a farce of that non-condemnation condemnation proves my point. To wit, the Democrat Party is an anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American entity that poses an existential threat to our existence. And it's not just the party which is the political apparatus in government. It is also the media and most crucially the schools. They are acting in concert, using the very freedoms they despise to proclaim that what they are doing is in the name of preserving them.

Another tactic taken up by Democrats, I've noticed, is trolling for supposedly anti-Semitic comments by Republicans to deflect and dilute the attention on Omar. On Monday Democrats found one such strawman, when the ranking member of the oversight committee, Jim Jordan, spelled liberal donor Tom Steyer's name with a dollar sign in a tweet. Liberals across the media quickly took up the cause: "Gee whiz, what if Ilhan Omar had done this?!" Well, if Omar had inserted a dollar sign into the name of a supposedly Jewish donor, considering her history, we'd have to assume she’d was clumsily trying to make another bigoted comment. - JJ Sefton

(New York Post)

Monday, February 11, 2019

We Have Allowed The Camel's Nose Under the Tent

Ilhan Omar is not “uniquely American”as  glowing New York Times profile once proclaimed.  She is profoundly alien to everything your ancestors took for granted. She has showed open contempt for traditional America and is obviously working to undermine it. This is why she found a welcome place in a Democratic Party that wants open borders and sees white men as America’s greatest threat.

The Somali born congresswoman from Minnesota is back in the news. She is being blasted by both Democrats and Republicans for tweeting that the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee sets America’s Middle-East policies by donating lavishly to congressional campaigns. House members accused her of “trafficking in anti-Semitic tropes".*

Omar gets attention whether she opens her mouth or not. She always wears a hijab—the first U.S. representative ever to do so. Congress had to scrap an old policy prohibiting head wear in the house chamber just to accommodate her. The hijab symbolizes much of what Rep. Omar is—a direct challenge to the historic American nation. She’s the picture politician brought to us by mass immigration and identity politics. This is why the media adore her despite the many charges of “anti-Semitism.”  The Times quoted Miss Omar’s father telling her that American children teased her at school “because they feel threatened in some way by your existence.” This seems to have established how Ms Omar views the country she now represents. According to the Times, she began wearing the hijab after the 9/11 attacks to flaunt her “otherness” in opposition to America, a country she thought was a false promised land since “the first day we arrived.”*

A common theme for Rep. Omar is that America is run by racists and that whites are the greatest danger to the nation. During her campaign she tweeted that her critics were driven by white supremacy,  “A systems of white supremacy uses conspiracies and lies to smear those that threaten their narratives and power."  In an op-ed published shortly after her election, she blamed an alleged rise of hate crimes on President Trump and his supporters.*

The first Somali congresswoman doesn’t seem interested in her white constituents. When asked by a reporter how she will best represent white people, Rep. Omar retorted that whites are never asked how they will represent non-whites—an absurd claim—and said she hoped the question would never be brought up again.*

Omar is a strong supporter of immigration policies that would allow more people like her into the country. Her campaign platform called for abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), opposed any efforts to secure the border, backed sanctuary cities, and said she would “fight back against the criminalization of immigration and crossing the border.” Of course, Rep. Omar wants citizenship for all illegals in America, as well as green cards for everyone here under Temporary Protected Status. She has stated she wants to hike the number of refugees and asylum seekers to be admitted. She's not just the camel's nose under the tent, she's a cancer being fed by the media.

Perhaps Ms Omar should be more grateful for what America has blessed her with and thankful she's not still living in Mogadishu eating dirt and being raped by gun toting savages.....

* Excerpts from Robert Hampton, American Renaissance by permission.

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