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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Biden Has Taken the Phrase “hold my beer” as a Personal Challenge.

Hold his pudding cup and hand him a pen, it’s going down! As old Joe uses his walker to guide our country into war, confusion, and economic collapse with countless executive orders, conservatives everywhere are eager to hear from Biden voters.

Is this what you wanted? Is this really what you voted for, or were you so incensed by CNN reports of “Orange man bad” or “Trump’s words are mean” that you had no idea what Joe planned to do? Oh, don’t be silent now!  He may have said he wasn’t going to ban fracking when Trump asked, but in his previous news interviews he said, “oh yeah, definitely doing that.” When he was asked about packing the courts and he said voters didn’t need to know…Joe Biden knew he had uneducated supporters and he didn’t give a single worry to the need for rationale.

If liberals are sitting home watching these executive orders fly off the assembly line and feeling shame, well they should be! You. Idiots.

With every executive order that is signed, more and more people are jumping on the voter’s remorse train. The Keystone pipeline alone sent HUNDREDS of thousands of people into hysteria and worry across the U.S. and Canada. Eliminating women’s sports raised tons of feminist’s eyebrows. I get it, it’s embarrassing. CNN and Twitter used you like a girl with daddy-issues on prom night. It’s time to put your big-girl panties on you Bider voters, admit your mistake! 

You’re emotionally sensitive and irrational, when it comes to politics and race. Your feelings were hurt by words you didn’t like, and you were so bored sitting at home during Covid times that you adopted leftist ideology as your new religion. Don’t question it, just support it, and shun anyone who doesn’t. I hope you enjoyed your little stupid ass club.

Be sure to keep that Biden/Harris sign in your yard, so when people in the neighborhood lose their jobs they know exactly who to ask for donations. And when gas reaches $7 a gallon, we know which cars to siphon from. I’m sure you won’t mind. After all, you signed up for this nonsense, we didn’t. - Ksenya Aleksandrova COTR

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Smells Like Another Shake-Down in the Making

Al Sharpton Calls Emergency Meeting Because
He Didn’t Like the Oscar Nominations

Victory Girls
"Al Sharpton has apparently moved on from Ferguson, New York, and any other place he’s been protesting lately, and has decided to call immediate emergency attention to the great crisis of the moment.
What is that great crisis? The Oscar nominations were announced this morning, and no black people or “people of color” were nominated for any acting awards. The Reverend Al is quite upset. Quite. Upset."

"The problem is, the Reverend Al is upset with the rich Hollywood liberals who chose these nominees. From the Oscars website:
"Nomination ballots are mailed to the Academy’s active members in late December and are due back to PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international accounting firm, in January.
Regular awards are presented for outstanding individual or collective film achievements in up to 25 categories. Members from each of the branches vote to determine the nominees in their respective categories – actors nominate actors, film editors nominate film editors, etc. However, within the Animated Feature Film and Foreign Language Film categories, nominations are selected by vote of multi-branch screening committees.
All voting members are eligible to select the Best Picture nominees....."