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Friday, May 8, 2020

No Maggie, It's Not a Hostile Media Cycle Takeover

It has become more and more apparent that the media as a whole are afraid to look in the mirror as to not see the real hypocrisy in their heroic endeavors at informing the public of the current resident of the WH. [enter laugh track here] It's obvious The NYTs Maggie Haberman literally doesn't own a mirror, if you've every seen her you'd probably agree.

And after billions in free media DJT was given that helped elect him, for Haggie Maggie to suggest the media cycles are the victim of a "Hostile Takeover" by DJT is a remarkable statement no one would believe unless they've been in a cave for the last three years. While the media fawn over Joe Biden, stuck in his basement running a 80's style campaign the media manufactures news, pumping the news cycle, breathlessly fact-checking things DJT never said. The media circle jerk willingly went to the well and Maggie has been outed as another charlatan.
It's Not a Hostile Media Takeover when "the media cycle" collectively hikes up its skirt, gets on all fours and begs to be taken like the German Wehrmacht took Poland.

Fun Fact: In Sanskrit, "Maggie Haberman" is an anagram for "coquettish arsenic".

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

No Soup For You, Tater!

WH Excludes CNN From Traditional Luncheon
 Before State of the Union

CNN's media hall monitor Brian Stelter announced today that he's shocked, SHOCKED that his network appeared to have been left off the guest list of the traditional White House pre-State of the Union luncheon. The luncheon is an intimate off-the-record confab in which the president usually gives an insight into what he'll talk about in his annual congressional address.

Like presidents before him, DJT typically invites anchors from all the major networks to dine with him at the White House. The lunch conversation is considered off the record, but it gives the anchors a sense of the president's state of mind before they anchor SOTU coverage.

Tater was upset no news organization boycotted the event to show support for the flailing network who still calls themselves news. And although journalists who accept the invitation agree not to report on what is said there, details of the meeting inevitably slip out.  Former CBS News anchor disgraced teleprompter reader, Dan Rather said that he was disappointed that other networks didn't take a stand in favor of CNN.  But hey Dan, no one really gives a shit what you think.

Monday, June 3, 2019

I Think It's Time to Officially Diagnosis Squinty Scarborough Both Dumb & Blind

One of the most loathsome mouthpieces for the unhinged establishment is MSNBC’s Squinty Scarborough who, along with bobblehead spouse Meat Puppet ‘1,000-yard stare’ Brzezinski, serve up a daily breakfast of hate and political clownsmanship on ‘Morning Joe’ that sets the network agenda that cooks at a slow-rolling boil until the gender confused Ricky Maddow and Larry 'Stop That Hammering' O'doodle show sends the soft skulled lunatic fringe off to bed with dreams of getting DJT dancing in their little heads.

Scarborough is now playing the race card with his ridiculous claim that Trump’s support has been worn down to only white males despite, new polls that show that his approval rating is continuing to increase. The ongoing theme seems to be more variations of smearing Trump and those who support him as racists, white nationalists, white supremacists and any other racially incendiary dog whistle term that will appeal to the critical black vote which didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton as it did for Barack Obama.

The fact that DJT has made tremendous inroads with this key demographic by presiding over the best economic environment for blacks and Latinos in the nation’s history only increases the intensity of the left’s race-baiting and post-Mueller, its going to be scorched earth for Democrats and their shills in the media all the way up until next November.

According to Joe, who was chatting with New York Times columnist Bret Stephens:
I think America has been awakened to the dangers of this short-term thinking. I think conservatives, I think highly educated women in suburbs, they are gone from the Trump Republican Party forever. 
So I think that we need to take Bret’s warning, it is a global trend. I am hopeful though, as Gene said, nobody will be lulled to sleep in 2020 by Donald Trump’s lies and misinformation. By the way, Mika, a lot of those people that still say that, they are white.
It is the equivalent of the band on the RMS Titanic continuing to play as the historically doomed voyage neared its tragic conclusion only this time the iceberg is DJT, who despite the left’s hysteria, looks likely headed toward re-election next year while Democrats dither away with hate their already slim chances. Sucks for you Joe!