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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Trumpster Clears the Deck.......

by Big Fur Hat @IOTWReport
Lindsey Graham? The guy’s a fag. You know it and I know it. My fish know it. But who cares? I don’t. But maybe he cares. The guy is gayer than a picnic basket but won’t admit it. That makes him a target for blackmail. Next.
Jeb Bush? He’s the Rachel Dolezal of Mexicans. He wants to be Mexican so bad he mows his lawn 3 times a day. When he passes gas it sounds like La Cucaracha. I agree, he should be president… of Mexico. Next.
Hillary Clinton? Is she finished with her menopause yet? I don’t think so. One minute she’s sitting around, depressed, sun glasses, wearing a winter coat on a plane. Next minute she’s got her bingo wings out and she’s laughing like a lunatic. I think her prescription pills and the booze aren’t mixing right. I’d stay away from this one.
John McCain? I think we all know how I feel about this guy. He’s a little guy whose chubby daughter has to stick up for him. I’ll do him a favor and let him stand on my wallet at the debates.......... KEEP READING

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Big Fur Hat: The Day After

"I’ve patiently endured for the last few years a lot of lunatic frothing on message boards and in comment sections of various blogs.
I’ve read a lot of proclamations from a sundry of leftists all who mouth essentially the same lickspittle – the right is dead, they are old, they are anachronistic, they are racist, they are misogynist, it is over, the new normal in the USA is some amalgam of third world governance and a bath house. Not so.
This midterm is one of the biggest mandates ever served to a party in the history of America. This cannot be disputed. Barack Obama has been the most coddled, protected, exalted mystic leader in the history of America – look what happened.
This is a rebuke of Obama’s America. This is a rebuke of these breathless commenters who thought they’d finally realized their dream – an America where the parasites, the damaged, and the vengeful were in control.
We are not a country willing to punch holes in our border so that diseased addled criminals can put their tent poles in our soil and fly the flag of la Raza. That has been thoroughly rebuked. 
Do you hear that McConnell and Boehner?"