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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

AWFL Protester: I'm Not Saying That Black Lives Matter Is All About Me and My White Savoir Complex, But.......

"AWFL" is an acronym coined by Ian Miles Cheong -- it stands for Affluent White Female Liberal, and it's pronounced just as you'd like to pronounce it.  Here we see her kind in the wild as she seeks sympathy and Twitter Validation for incurring sleep deprivation, due to her new hobby of screaming obscenities at strangers every f**king night.

The media,  at least those brave enough to send crews into the bowels of the "peaceful" protests between attacks on the federal courthouse,  prefer human interest stories on the human PR campaigns that are the Wall of Moms *wink wink* in their yellow shirts, the gay Wall of Dads in their orange shirts and leaf blowers, or the Wall of questionable Vets.

NBC News posted, without comment, video of one of those moms, allegedly a single mother who claims she’s sleep-deprived because she has to come down to the courthouse every night and yell "all cops are bastards" at the federal agents because, you know, black lives matter.  Maybe she could tell the “2-cent ninja” shielding her to tell his friends that their continued efforts to set fire to the building aren’t doing anything for the Black Lives Matter movement.

And I guess no one told her most of her yellow shirt comrades are really Portland's super woke old lesbian community playing for the camera. Unlike this miserable woman, at least they have sense enough to haul their fat asses home for a Marlboro and some Netflix when the the protesters start shooting industrial fireworks at the court house door.  

[Ian Miles Cheong@ the Tweeter box]