Friday, March 15, 2013

Mattel Toy Co. Thinly Veiled Attack on the Human Race Itself

You’re going to thinking this is just such a cute little marketing campaign:

You watched that, right? You should. It’s insidious.

Here's the explanation, just in case you're a slow listener:
"Mattel (NASDAQ: MAT) is on an historic mission that will likely anger some of Wall Street’s favorite big caps. Mattel is trying to do away with the barbaric practice of chomping off bunny ears and instead have those little eargnashers (i.e. children) play with the toys from their Easter baskets. As their YouTube video explains, according to the good folks at the Endangered Chocolate Bunny Commission (ECBC) chocolate bunnies are near extinction."
Meanwhile, the guys at Hershey and Mars are overrun with the damned things!

Not to mention: we know that cute little bunnies are trying to destroy our modern transportation systems. And we know that cute little bunnies have been responsible for humanoid extinctions in the past.

So the question you have to ask yourselves is:
Why is Mattel trying to protect them? 
What do they have to gain?

 And how much did these celebrities get paid to sell out their own species?

Alex Jones where are you on this one man!!!!

h/t Trog
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