Friday, March 15, 2013

White House Launches Audio Series Titled “Being Biden”

Another one to file under “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”via AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans who petitioned the White House to give Vice President Joe Biden his own reality TV show may be getting the next-best thing.

The White House on Thursday launched an audio series to give Americans the sense they’re along for the ride for some of Biden’s behind-the-scenes moments.

Dubbed “Being Biden,” the series features photographs of Biden from events that aren’t part of his public schedule. Viewers can listen to Biden narrate the story behind the photos, curated by White House staffers to give the public a look at his life inside the Obama administration.

It’s an idea not terribly far removed from what thousands of Americans requested earlier this year when
signed a White House petition to give the freewheeling, often unscripted vice president a recurring show on C-SPAN — “a glimpse of the lighthearted side of politics even in the midst of contentious and divisive national debates.” The petition didn’t cross the 100,000-name threshold required for a White House response in the time allotted, and it was later removed from the White House website.

With “Being Biden,” the Obama administration can capitalize on Biden’s ability to connect viscerally with Americans without the risk of an impromptu moment that could go awry. The series uses official photos from White House photographers, allowing the administration to engage Americans directly through social media without relying on the mainstream media to get their message out.

The vice president’s office said new episodes will be released regularly, and said the idea stemmed from the regular radio-style addresses Biden would record for constituents when he served in the Senate....."

Here’s the direct link to the “
Being Biden” White House page.
"On one hand, it’s kinda disturbing they’d use this outlet for Biden to “get his message out” rather than going the mainstream media route – after all, this is the “most open, honest, and accountable administration EVAH!!!” 
I look forward to the parody videos of this from the vast number of witty, creative conservatives who are out there. Let the “Being Biden” games begin!" - Sister Toldjah 


  1. Oh Boy! I'm going to be the first on my block ...

  2. Just when you think that this administration has hit the absolute bottom the open up a new sub-basement.