Thursday, May 14, 2015

Well, Isn't That Special

"I have never felt bigger, blacker or gayer than when I have had my nails done in a nail salon operated by Asian Americans. I found experimenting with wearing nail polish thrilling. But salons gave me anxiety, and now I know why... I have never felt as economically and racially exploitative as when I’ve gotten a manicure.
If I ever do paint my nails again, I’ll do the painting myself. That’s a discomfort I can live with....."   

Perhaps Ms.Thrasher should quit feeling so bad about itself and take bull by the tail horns and capitalize on the situation. With  government taxpayer money set aside for minority business start ups, he could always open a line of black gay owned manicure and pedicure parlors catering exclusive (cause they can do that) to gays, trans-genders and drag queens. I tell ya, I'm seeing dollar signs here....