Monday, August 30, 2010

Barry and Michelle Come a Visitin'

Posted by Diogenes Sarcastica
August 30, 2010

Today the President and first....Lady flew into the great city of New Orleans to pay us a visit and celebrate the devastation and destruction of the city by his predecessor George W. Bush and that little storm that blew through five years ago. Inconspicuously absent were former Mayor Ray "I'm riding this sucker out in Dallas" Nagan, and former Governor Kathleen "What the hell am I suppose to do about it" Blanco. But all an all it was a star studded show of democrat losers that have managed to entertain most of the country with our political nonsense since reconstruction.

There's our fearless leader demonstrating one of his few
examples of Leadership since taking office,
leading the girls down the steps of Air Force one.

 The first bunch is greeted by our most excellent Governor Bobby Jindal.
From the look on the Governor's face I think he's thinking
what most of us are; who the hell is dressing this women?

 Before his speech at Xavier University, Barry and Michelle visit the
Columbia Pac Development to view newly built homes rebuilt 
below sea level and will flood again someday, and will again be rebuilt 
with your federal tax money.  Makes ya proud don't it?

Take Note: the Leader of the Free World, Harvard educated and
said to be the smartest man to ever hold the office, can't figure out how 
to get an umbrella through the gate to the other side! 

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landreiu here instructs the President how
to operate correctly an umbrella and maneuver gracefully
even while being distracted by the first lady's dress.

Take note: Group of democrats standing outside in the rain talking
instead of standing inside the building behind them.

 Here Barry and Michelle inspect the bobcat front-loader brought in to
scoop up all the bullshit expected from the president's visit. 
By days end, it was said to be well used.

 Our honorable Senator Mary "yes I can be bought for a price"Landreiu (D) about to either throw up or pee in her pants during the
presidents speech. The uninterested one to the right of Mary is
 our Senator David Vitter(R)  who is probably wishing he had
brought ear plugs and who the hell dresses the first lady.

 After the speech Barry and Michelle took time to spend some
time with the folks, spread around a little stimulus money and
create a few of those jobs we keep hearing about.*wink wink*

 In honor of his visit, we did dress the place up a  bit.
But being a red state, I doubt will see him much anytime soon.  



  1. Best--and most honest--coverage I've seen of the New Orleans trip.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it, DS.

  2. Hi Diogenes, just popped in here from IOTW for a sec. LOL loved your photos captions!