Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Secret is Out: Joe Biden's New Book

Posted by Diogenes Sarcastica
Sunday, Sept. 26

EXCLUSIVE: Excerpts From V.P.'s New Book

Recently someone threw a paper bag over the transom of Diogenes’ offices that was found to contained parts of the manuscript to Vice President Joe Biden’s super secret upcoming explosive blockbuster tell-all memoir of the 2008 campaign and first 2 years in office.

Here is a small sample of what it contained:

From the Chapter on Sarah Palin:
 "I do kinda  like that Alaskan broad Sarah Palin!. After the Vice Presidential debates were over, she sent over flowers and a bottle of excellent scotch to me with a note:
"How’s it feel  to get your little Delaware boy ass handed to you by a Lady? Ya know ya did, Joe!"
"Love and Kisses, The Pit bull."

"Then later the  Governor  sent over a signed copy of her #1 bestselling book "Going Rogue" with the inscription: 
 "To my favorite Joe, who could have been a contender, but wound up Champ!"
"Ol’ Joe almost teared up for a second. But the best surprise was she sent with the book a big picture of the cover of her follow up book due out  just in time for the midterm elections."
"Just gotta love her!" 

From the chapter on the Media:
“Barry is such a stuffed shirt when it comes to the whole press thing. I don't know why he gets so nervous when they point a camera or microphone in my direction?  They're all bending over backwards to make us look good, even those Mexicans and Black guys!”
“ I wonder if Wolf Blitzer’s momma named him that because he was born with that beard.  And what kinda  TV name is Rachel Maddow for a man anyway?”

He also talks about his one true love which he brought to D.C. with him.

Biden washing his classic 1981 Pontiac
Trans Am in the White House driveway 

"Back in the day we used to call 'em panty-melters. One babe caught a glimpse of those custom rims after a AC/DC concert in '86 and she couldn't get into that backseat fast enough."
"Gotta  keep her looking good so I can impress the chicks when I'm cruising up and down Pennsylvania Avenue."

Other revelations from the manuscript:

* Biden reveals who in Congress owns the best porno DVD collection.

* Addresses his controversial statement  about “radical Islamist having sex with goats” by clarifying he meant  ” only the ones who actually own goats.” 

* Reports about the in depth discussions at oval office meetings as to why after every return from an overseas mission, Hillary Clinton’s ass looks bigger than before.
* After the magnificent victory over Republicans in mid-term elections, Biden plans a whirlwind visit to all 57 states.

The working title to the book is slated to be
" The 2008 Campaign, the Best I can Remember "  



  1. If you disappear, we will know why! LOL

  2. Biden is living proof that having a frontal lobotomy doesn't have to hold you back.

  3. That's what I like about coming over one crazy MoFo man!