Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A First Lady's Work is Never Done

Our nations First Lady wears many hats, and takes  the responsibilities of her given position seriously. With the President on the road promoting his jobs bill, and the Vice president out doing whatever he does, she takes the opportunity to do some important work for the nation in their absents. 
Michelle Obama painting over Joe Biden's 
crayon graffiti in the West Wing restroom



  1. No, but I thought the Donna Karan designer work jeans , with butt crack prevention, were a nice touch.

  2. Funny - she doesn't get one itty bitty drop of paint on herself. How is that possible?

    Motus has a shot of her with her thong undies hanging out. View only if you have a strong stomach.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Adrienne.
    Are you the same Adrienne of 'Adrienne's Corner'?

  4. Looks more like she's just learning how to paint. Really who holds a roller with 2 hands?

  5. Snarky remark follows;

    Quit picking on Thunder Thighs. She could do worse. Look at Hillary. Somewhere there is a grand piano missing two legs. Both of them could definitely use 'chain link' pantyhose to hold in all that cellulite. Why is it that Republican women look so much better?

    Please forgive the interruption. We now return to our regularly scheduled program in progress.

  6. Great pic of Biden being elected to the fourth grade student council. Look at all the hands in the air! Must've been a unanimous vote.

  7. P.S. It was either elect Biden or the kid who eats his own boogers at the lunch table.