Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Keith Olbermann in his Element: Wall Street Protesters Living in Filth.

Entering it's fourth week, it is scenes like these that have led some people to accuse the Occupy Wall Street protesters living in New York's financial district of causing unsanitary and filthy conditions. Shocking images from news sources demonstrate the extent to which conditions have deteriorated during demonstrations in downtown Manhattan.

Zuccotti Park, New York City
'Normally the park is cleaned and inspected every week night. But because the protesters refuse to cooperate the park has not been cleaned since Friday, September 16th and as a result, sanitary conditions have reached unacceptable levels,' CBS News reported. New York officals today warned of a dramatic crackdown on Wall Street demonstrators, as the protests spread across America.

Keith 'the tack' Olbermann
Not unexpected, disgraced former MSNBC leftist blowhard and now Current TV network empty suit Keith Olbermann, showed up at the  New York protest to lend his support and do some shameless self- promotion of his basement rated nonsense on Al Gore's pathetic Current Network. Many protesters  are the brain dead leftist that make up Olbermann's  core audience. Olbermann gave no public statements at the event, but who cares what he says anyway.

Hundreds  have been arrested in New York since the protests began last month. On Wednesday, the biggest crowd so far of about 5,000 people marched on New York's financial district, and police used pepper spray on some protesters. But protests for the most part have been non-violent. 

A mixed message is being given in many protest: Multi-Millionaire and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has verbally given support to the protest  ,as has Billionaire George Sorso, both who have made fortunes dealing with large corporations and on Wall Street. The Obama administration is seen to side with the protesters despite the fact their policies have worsened the very situations being protested, and Wall Street is one of the biggest contributers to the Obama power machine. Go figure. 

Yesterday protesters in Washington DC tried to storm and occupy the Smithsonian Air & space Museum, but were turned back by museum security.  Protest organizers predict nationwide momentum will continue to build as groups like highly paid labor movements thugs, employed by the same corporations being protested, join the growing numbers.

There is an interesting take on events at Pundit & Pundett that I encourage you to look at......

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