Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Note to Diogenes' Readers.....

Posted By Diogenes Sarcastica
October, 11th 2011

To use and pass off (the ideas or writings of another) as one's own.
To appropriate for use as one's own passages or ideas from (another)
To put forth as original to oneself the ideas or words of another.

Recently, while exploring Google blog links , I happened upon an interesting page of glorious rantings. Culture, Politics, Current Affairs, Islam. But as I read through the post, I immediately noticed familiar wording and phrases, and on closer inspection, entire post similar to those I had edited myself. I checked the post against my own and found plagiarism, pure and simple!  After checking the post dates I found I was right. Just one problem; my post were of a later date. 

I found myself guilty of posting, through second party submissions, 
and edited by me, others original material. 

As a result, I contacted the Blog owner and made him aware of the situation, and apology given. I expected the worst. But through a series of Gentlemanly email discussions, post were identified and, at his request, I am in the process of giving proper links and credit.  

Copyright and Intellectual Property rights are serious business, and violations are bad berries in anyone's bowl. Such things must not be tolerated by any of us. The offending submitter of the plagiarized material, which was edited by me without knowledge of the situation, has been dealt with swiftly, and no longer welcome here. I, and only I are responsible for the content of DMF, and take full responsibility.

The owner of the plagiarized blog, Matthew, and I now consider the matter closed, but I feel a public apology is in order to Matthew and also thank him for his understanding and cooperation in settling this in a civil manner. To his credit, he didn't have to, especial after also once having his stuff pilfered by a national television personality and columnist awhile back.

'Diogenes Middle Finger' strives to offer our best possible Satire, Humor and Bitting articles with a heavy dose of Snark, for the purpose of helping verbally kneecap the idiots of our society and what I believe is a inept, corrupt and incompetent administration doing irreparable damage to this country, and shall continue to do so honestly. 

As a result of all this and our series of emails, Matthew and I have come to a tentative agreement to contribute to, and possible crosspoint at each other's blogs. 

So, without further ado, I'm proud to welcome
 Matthew and his readers at

I encourage my readers to visit both regularly and support, as you have me in the past, some of the most colorful collections of rantings and off beat stories to be found anywhere (just bring your helmet with you) . It's also possible to find your way over there with the links provided to the latest posts on the 'Awesome Linkage' blogroll to the right of this page.

And once again, Thank You Matthew!



  1. Our leaders could take lessons from you and Matthew on the art of working together to resolve issues.

    I applaud you both.

    Well done.

  2. I agree with JSM's statement and will check these blogs out also.
    Thank You

  3. DS, you have done exactly what I would expect from you, having posted comments on your site and having exchanged some emails with you. You are a standup guy who got caught up in circumstances that happen from time to time with bloggers.

    As you know, I provide op/ed content for Capitalist Preservation. Will Profit has, on occasion, asked me for my source or sources. I usually have at least three sources for every op/ed I write and often link with those sources.

    Will, as editor, will remind me, even when I quote someone, that excerpted quotes must be short with a link to the original source. Providing content, in its appropriate context for CP, has been an education in itself for me, a person not trained in journalism.

    Keep policing yourself as you have now and all will be well. I still enjoy viewing your site.

  4. Thank you, Guy and Gals. I appreciate your comment as usual.

    Robert, I understand Will's reasoning for the source checks, but in my case, these pieces were submitted as original thoughts with no quotes to source. I took it on faith from someone I've known for years that they were his writings. He, a former reporter for a local radio station and one who should know better, blatantly lied and put one over on me. To be frank, his writings that I know to be genuine read much like the pieces he submitted to me. A chance hitting of the right blog got him caught. As for me, lesson learned.

  5. Awesome, man. That's what I'm talking about. Settling matters with our big-boy words. I welcome your readers to the Insane Asylum, and I've been enjoying the posts here as well. I'm also linking your site to ours.

    Have a good one, everybody.

    Mr. Chap

  6. Thanks, DS. I really appreciated your candor and honesty, and look forward to a long and mutually-beneficial exchange of ideas.

    Thanks, also, to all the DMF readers who have paid the Asylum a visit in the last few days. Your support and readership is greatly appreciated!

    Chief Lunatic-in-Residence
    The Lunatic's Asylum

  7. DS,
    Shit happens. Please let me take this opportunity to submit an article I wrote for your consideration. I call it, "The Declaration of Independence." If you paas on it would you forward it to Capitalist Preservation? They'll post anything.
    Sincerely, Joe Biden

  8. Always did think you were a straight up guy, Dio.
    Glad you guys worked things out. A flame war would have ruined the atmosphere up in here, know that I mean.......

  9. Your right Toots, but I don't play games.

    Matthew had a real grievance about the offenses, but chose to handle it in a way preferable to both of us. He asked for the corrections, but made no real demands.

  10. Oh dear, sounds like you need a big hug, Diogenes ... :) And isn't it wonderful how honesty is always rewarded - you gained a new friend, and I've visited the "Asylum" - laughing so hard! :) Sure he isn't your lost brother?!

  11. Well Bee, I don't know him well yet, but he sure seems like someone I can work with, and stand up guy.