Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Great Civilization Is Singing Itself To Sleep

Political Clown Parade
"Yesterday, America witnessed the second pep rally of the “Chicago Messiah”. All the networks and cable outfits gave its viewers “smotherage” of the 57th presidential inauguration.
Amid the revelations that shocked the nation last week of two athletes who betrayed our trust by deceiving us, we have installed a president who did precisely the same thing. Four years ago, puppetmasters worked hard to make his brand famous and his lack of qualifications to hold the most powerful office in the world inconsequential. Those same puppetmasters worked tirelessly to feed low information voters a steady diet of propaganda that would convince them that his performance during his first term didn’t matter for his reelection in 2012—perfect agitprop for the media age.
As the Chicago Messiah stood on the stage of the U.S. Capitol to take the Oath of Office, it was as though he crossed his fingers in a gesture to symbolize that it’s all a big lie. I could imagine Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx standing behind him......"