Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Craigslist ad shows reality hitting Obama voter right in the wallet…

via Talk Straight-

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Welcome to the real world, nimrod. It’s not like you weren’t warned.
You get what you vote for and you’re receiving everything you deserve. Reap it!


  1. Wakey, wakey kool-aid drinker. Welcome to life. At 27 he appears to have started late in life. He really is screwed.

  2. As dull-witted as our respondent may seem, he is not nearly as bad as our Republican party in the congress that fails to understand that we are facing a hardcore leftist regime. All civility is gone along with the all pervading sense of patriotism that used to be a part of the political discourse of this country. The young man who made that post may be way ahead of many in his generation who have not yet awoken to the new dawn to discover that their country is being stolen from them. It is too late for the older generations. If they need Obamacare to understand Communism is the goal, then they missed the boat five years ago.

  3. Do you mean to say you didn't read the 2700 pages before you voted for Obama?