Monday, January 28, 2013

Obama Accepts Transparency Award In Private

 "President Barack Obama accepted an award for making the government more open and transparent – presented to him behind closed doors with no media coverage or public access allowed......"
The discrepancy between the honor and the circumstances under which it was delivered bothered open-government advocates in attendance, they said Thursday. They were even more perturbed when they discovered later that the meeting hadn't even been listed on Obama's public schedule, so there was no way for anyone to know about it. 
The award was given by Bass's group and several others Monday to recognize Obama's work toward government openness and encourage him to do more......."
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  1. That GIF really caught my attention on my sidebar, so I had to get over here and see watch the fuss was all about. Was I the only one that got an invitation?

  2. I am still trying to figure out if the original post was meant to be satirical or whether it is real? This administration is so far beyond the limits of imbecility that it satirizes itself. As for transparency, just as clear as mud.